How Does A Car Engine Work

A Petrol Engine operates the principle of combustion. A fuel/air mixture is pulled into a cylinder, the cylinder is then closed off and the piston is thrust upwards to create compression. A spark is introduced to ignite the mixture to create combustion to thrust the piston downward in the engine block.

In an car engine there can be a number of pistons, usually this is between 4-12 cylinders depending on the design. The pistons are then connected to a crankshaft through a connecting rod. Pistons then fire consecutively to rotate the crankshaft inside the engine block. The oil pump then pushes oil through the oil filter which then supplies oil to the car engine parts including the crank and camshaft, cylinder walls and piston rings, valve train and cam lifters, also the timing gears or chain. Motor oil is then used to lubricate and cool internal engine parts. Oil is then pumped up through the engine, and then returns to the bottom of the engine and is gathered in the oil pan.

Difference Between Petrol and Diesel

What is the difference between the Petrol and the Diesel Car Engine. Diesels use direct fuel injection in preference to the using of carburation or port fuel injection. This is then more environmentally friendly, more efficient and off course cheaper to run. This is a typical diesel engine. The Diesel Engine uses a four-stroke combustion cycle just like the petrol engine. However, remembering that the diesel engine has no spark plug, that intakes air and compresses it, but it injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber (direct injection). It is the heat of the compressed air that lights the fuel in a diesel engine. The four stroke are: Intake Stroke – the intake valve opens, letting in air and moving the piston down. Compression stroke – the piston moves back up and compresses the air. Combustion stroke -as the piston reaches the top, fuel is in Exhaust stroke -the piston moves back to the tophing out the exhaust created from the combustion of the exhaust valve.

Modern Cars, Parts Are Readily Available

Although these two engines are not the only ones we use today they are the most common. Car engines are very complicated and complex machines with which so many problems can occur. Engines are broken down in several, not to say many different car parts. All car parts can be bought and replaced either by a garage or you know what you are doing. Buying car spares or replacements is not as hard as people think, there are places out there that makes this so easy, as example the Internet has several websites that can find these parts for you and have them delivered to your door, which saves the trailing about in the cold, all the hassle of trailing from one garage to another in bad weather, having to wait for car parts to be ordered in. They are cheaper and genuine parts. Unlike some companies that deal specifically in one or more different car makes we can find almost any piece, from any engine, from any vehicle.